Using CVC courses in a homeschool co-op, pandemic learning pod, or micro-school

Access is now open!  Here is the Clover Valley Chemistry access form for the co-op/learning pod/micro-school option:

Clover Valley Chemistry co-op, learning pod, micro-school materials access form

Please download and/or print, fill out, and email the access form back to me at using “Clover Valley Chemistry co-op/learning pod/micro-school option access” as the subject line of your email.  Once the completed access form is received, an invoice will be emailed to you. These fees are due in full before access to course materials is given and there is no refund available for this option.

If you are looking at using the parent-graded versions of either Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, or Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry for use as part of your homeschool co-op program, for use in a pandemic learning pod, or for use in a micro-school, I can offer special pricing.  This version of my courses is ideal for parents or teachers who are anxious about teaching a subject that they may not be that familiar with.  The students learn by watching the recorded lecture videos and/or through textbook readings and so are learning chemistry from a college chemistry instructor and former high school chemistry teacher – me. 🙂  The assignments, labs, tests, and exams are all done for you and I provide worked answer keys for every assessment to help with evaluating student work.

Note: My definition of a co-op/learning pod/micro-school is simply having a group of 3 or more students do the course together – it doesn’t need to be an “official” co-op/learning pod/micro-school. 🙂


*Chemistry (Parent-Graded) for co-ops/learning pods/micro-schools: $125 USD per student (minimum 3 students)

*Honors Chemistry (Parent-Graded) for co-ops/learning pods/micro-schools: $150 USD per student (minimum 3 students)

*Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCBC) (Parent-Graded) for co-ops/learning pods/micro-schools: $200 USD per student (minimum 3 students)

The person running/teaching the co-op/learning pod/micro-school course is responsible for paying the fees (which could then be recouped by collecting your own student fees from your co-op/learning pod/micro-school families).  The fees for the co-op/learning pod/micro-school courses give the parent/teacher 12 months of access (from the date your invoice is paid) to the course materials. These materials include a chapter checklist schedule for each chapter unit, recorded lecture videos, assignments, labs, chapter tests, a midterm exam, and a final exam.  I will also provide a suggested 36 week schedule for the course.  Additional month-blocks of access are not available with this option.  The person paying the fees will be provided with answer keys for all assessments and is responsible for grading all assessments.  These versions of the courses do NOT include access to the live “office hour” sessions.  In addition, I will be available for help with clarification or technical issues only.

As always…  If you are interested in any of the chemistry courses on offer or have questions regarding any aspect of the courses, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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